PSST: Puts Shorts Straight Today™
A convenient, iron-in solution to bunched up shorts

Do the legs of your shorts ride up when you walk?  PSST can fix that!

Are you bothered by bunching fabric when you wear shorts?  Do the legs of your shorts move upward with every step, until one or both inner thighs are exposed and chafing?

PSST is the solution.  Try PSST and walk freely again!

PSST is a soft, pliable device that will keep the fabric of your shorts from bunching when you move.  To use it, you simply trim a pair to the length of your inseam, then use an iron to heat and press one into place on the inside of each leg of your shorts.  PSST adds stability to the fabric of your inseam, preventing it from bunching up.  And since PSST is soft, it doesn’t poke or pinch skin while you move.

PSST... Nobody knows when you're wearing them, but everyone knows when you're not!

PSST is:

  • Virtually invisible, so no one will know you're wearing it. 
  • Available in a variety of colors to closely match your fabric.
  • Washable, so it will last through multiple washings and wearings.
  • Eight inches long and 1.75" wide, and can be trimmed to fit most inseams.
  • Made with Eco-Fi, a high quality polyester material made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.
    USA owned and USA produced, from USA-made materials.  
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Patent Pending
You don't have to live with bunched up shorts!

PSST comes in several colors to closely match the fabric of your shorts! 

Iron one into each leg of your shorts. 

Sold in packages of three pairs.